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Nordkapp Europe

5,005 km / 3,110 mi
15 days
12 August 2024 >> 27 August 2024

A new destination is waiting for us, another challenge, i.e. arriving to the far most northern part of the European Continent, driving beside the beautiful coast of Norway. This country offers an amazing nature. The period we’ve chosen is July-August, the moment when the days are very long and basically you wake up and go to sleep with sun light. It is necessary to be equipped for the cold weather, as even if it is summer, temperature can go below 10° C (50°F). We will start from Oslo, the Capital of Norway, where our motorbikes will be waiting for us and from there, we will start our incredible adventure.

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5,005 / 3,110


5 - 7



Cape Northern Europe

Day 1: Arrival in Oslo. Everyone will get there by its own means. We will meet at the Hotel to know all the participants to the tour and dine together for our welcome dinner.

Day 2: We will leave from Oslo, towards the discovery of the territory that saw the Viking conquerors state their great oceanic fishing capability and the founding of oil reservoirs. The environment offers a landscape that’s almost entirely mountainous, with rugged coastline and engraved passes thru the many fiords that make this nation so characteristic. We will get to Geilo where we will spend the night.

Total Journey distance: 360 Km / 224 Miles

Average Journey time: 5 ½ hours

Day 3: After a good breakfast at our Hotel, we will start our journey towards Bergen, the second town of Norway with almost 500 thousand people, part of Unesco Heritage. We will see very scenic roads and multicolor wooden houses. We will see the most typical part of the town and then we will restart our journey towards Forde, where we will stay for the night.

Total Journey distance: 300 Km / 186 Miles

Average Journey time: 5 hours

Day 4: During our journey we will see the Fiords, where the sea water enters into the coves for dozens of kilometers forming wonderful landscapes, typical of this land. Today we will come to know the Trollstingen, a road famous for its harpin-bends, that will allow us to see a lovely view. We will get back to the coast in order to arrive to Molde where we will spend the night.

Total Journey distance: 370 Km / 230 Miles

Average Journey time: 7 hours

Day 5: Today we will get another surprise: the road that many journalists simply declared the most spectacular road in the world. It is a road that connects many small islands ending with the famous suspended bridge that for sure we saw already in some nice picture.

Total Journey distance: 480 Km / 298 Miles

Average Journey time: 7 ½ hours

Day 6: We will rest after all the miles driven the day before and calmly, we will leave our Hotel. Today we will surely have less road to travel. Norway is surprising, day after day, giving us spectacular images and always different emotions. Today destination will be Mo I Rana.

Total Journey distance: 300 Km / 186 Miles

Average Journey time: 5 ½ hours

Day 7: Another surprising day will wait for us. Today we will cross the Artic Polar Circle line getting nearer and nearer to our destination. We will arrive in the beautiful town of Narvik, located on the Ofot Fiord. Right in front of this town there are the beautiful Lofoten Islands. We will spend one day in Narvik to rest from the miles driven the days before.

Total Journey distance: 425 Km / 264 Miles

Average Journey time: 6 ½ hours

Day 8: Today we will rest in order to get ready for the next destination. We will visit the town of Narvik.

Day 9: Today's destination will be the town of Alta. We will enter the region of Northern Lights, that are visible from November to January. In this location and during the summer, the night does not exist and the daylight lasts 24 hours. We will need to get used to go to sleep with the daylight.

Total Journey distance: 480 Km / 298 Miles

Average Journey time: 7 hours

Day 10: today will be the peak of our journey since we will get to Cape North, or Nordkapp as they call it, which is the Northernmost part of Europe. We will celebrate this reached destination and it will be a must to take picture in front of a symbol of another reached goal.

Total Journey distance: 230 Km / 143 Miles

Average Journey time: 3 ½ hours

Day 11: After reaching this aspired goal, the only thing we need to do is to come back and we will do it crossing the Suomi territory in Finland and thru Sweden. The roads are more fluid and we will need less time to get to Oslo. Today we will know the Finnish Lapland and, for sure we will be able to see some reindeers while crossing the countryside.

Total Journey distance: 450 Km / 280 Miles

Average Journey time: 6 hours

Day 12: We will pass thru the town of Rovaniemi, that is known to be the town of Santa Claus! For sure we will have the chance to take some pictures to remember the place. Slowly the landscapes will change. To travel is always a privilege that allows us to make new experiences and add new images to our memories. We will get to Skelleftea What faces the Botnia Sea, on the Swedish coast. 

Total Journey distance: 530 Km / 329 Miles

Average Journey time: 6 hours

Day 13: We will continue our journey along the coast. Also here, we will see beautiful landscapes and the distances will be greatly reduced.

Total Journey distance: 630 Km / 391 Miles

Average Journey time: 7 hours

Day 14: Our journey is coming to an end and today will be the last of our tour that started 2 weeks before and allowed us to know these beautiful countries that form Scandinavia. We will get to Oslo in the afternoon where we will give back our motorbikes after 5,000 km approx. (more than 3000 miles)! In the evening we will have our farewell dinner.

Total Journey distance: 450 Km / 280 Miles

Average Journey time: 6 ½ hours


Day 15: After breakfast guests will be transferred to the airport. ARRIVEDERCI!



If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached, the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format.



  • Motorcycle rental with bags and locks. (A security deposit from 1.250 to 2.000 depending on the motorcycle requested).
  • The bike rental prices include costs for public-liability insurance and roadside assistance insurance in case of breakdown.
  • Welcome and farewell dinners.
  • Accommodation in 4-star hotels when available at the time of booking.
  • Transfer to and from the airport.
  • Multilingual tour leader.
  • Transfer to and from the rental agency.
  • Support van. The van will carry a replacement motorcycle available for participants in case of problems or breakdowns. You will be able to use the van for carrying suitcases (1 suitcase + 1 handbag per person),an extended service also for all the souvenirs you will buy along the way. The van also has two seats for passengers in case of need or for rest of the motorcycle trip!
  • A detailed road book with all the information and a map with the itinerary well marked.
  • Insurance covering most any medical issue during the trip including, doctors, ambulance, hospital and any appropriate family travel.



  • Fuel for your motorcycle.
  • Tolls on motorways.
  • Entrance tickets to museums or other touristic sites.
  • Tips and gratuities
  • All meals except welcome and farewell dinners.
  • All beverages.
  • National and international flights
  • We also suggest that anyone traveling abroad for one of our tours consider purchasing "travel insurance". It can eliminate worry from unexpected situations that can arise in any travel plan.



  • Advanced payment of 30% of the total amount of the tour to be paid at the moment of the reservation (The deposit will be completely refundable in the event that we do not reach the minimum number of participants or in an agreed manner between the parties, if the tour will be made in modality different with different services).
  • Balance 70% to be paid 30 days before the departure date subject to confirmation by our organization.
  • 100% balance if the reservation is made within 30 days before departure.



  • Up to 20 days before the start date, HP Motorrad will retain 80% of the total of the tour.
  • From the 20th day to the 11th day before the start date, Hp Motorrad will retain 90% of the total of the tour.
  • From the 10th day before the start date, HP Motorrad will retain the total amount of the tour.

Thank you for choosing us and hoping to have given you an unforgettable trip, Hp Motorrad invites you to consult our updated list of tour proposals. We are waiting for you for your next adventure.

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