Guided tour

Welcome to Himalaya

1,760 km / 1,094 mi
13 days
14 July 2023 >> 28 July 2023

Who have never dreamt about knowing the far lands of Himalaya, with the mountains that stun against the sky in the place where the highest mountains are? Now you’ll have the chance to see all this thanks to the great experience that we acquired during our fantastic tours. We need to recall that in India you drive on the left-hand side like in UK. It is not really so difficult, you need to be concentrated, especially during the first days. Our guide will help us for sure on this.
We will drive near the Nanga Parbat and the K2 which are among the highest peaks in the world, up to the Khardung which is definitely the highest with its more than 5,000 mt (16,404 ft) height. The pictures that we will take in front of the sign is priceless!
We will usually find cozy 4 stars hotels but sometimes we will need to adapt to less comfortable situations. No need to say, this is a journey for expert motorcyclists who knows how to resist even to bad weather conditions that sometime may surprise us. We need to be well equipped for the cold weather as, at these heights, the thermal effect in case of rain will put a strain on us. We need waterproof boots, thermal gloves and waterproof garment is highly recommended. The sleeping bag as well is recommended, in case of unforeseen events. No need to say that this will be an unforgettable journey.

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Welcome to Himalaya

Day 1: Arrival in New Delhi and rest at the Hotel. Who wish to do it, will have the chance to see the town that certainly reserves lovely surprises. We recommend to visit Agra, where is the famous Taj Mahal.

Day 2: From Delhi we will fly to Manali, the so called the Switzerland of India, a very interesting and nice city where our motorbikes will be waiting for us. We will fulfill all forms related to renting and we will be ready for our adventure.

Day 3: Manali-Jispa. We will leave from Manali and will reach the first of the two passes that will be waiting for us. The less tall is anyway located at more than 4,000 mt (13.123 ft) of height and it is called the Rothang Pass. This land is in fact called Ladakh that in the local language, means the Land of High Passes. The view of the mountains is really spectacular and the road are really challenging so we’ll need to be very concentrated while driving as a small mistake may cost us a lot. The beautiful views will anyway made us enjoying our day!

Total Journey distance: 140 Km / 88 Miles

Day 4: Jispa-Sarchu. This road is very winding, and we will have a lot of fun traveling it. We will get near to a glacier at 4,900 mt (16,076 ft) of height, a real joy to drive along these roads. We will see beautiful landscapes with natural sculptures made by natural elements like rain and wind during millions of years. The mountains are similar to those you find in the Monument Valley in Arizona. We will then take a fast road that will lead us to Sarchu where we will spend the night.

Total Journey distance: 140 Km / 88 Miles

Day 5: Sarchu-Leh. The road of today will take us among beautiful reddish mountains, with lovely bends and very striking places. We will so get to the second Pass, the second highest in the world with its 5330 mt (17,388 ft): the so called Tanglang-La. At these heights it is highly recommended to have technical garments for cold weather as temperature might be very low. We will go down towards the city of Leh, which is highly frequented being the biggest in the region.

Total Journey distance: 260 Km / 163 Miles

Day 6: Leh. Today we will rest in this town that offers many nice things to discover, like some Buddhist and Muslim temples. Leh is the capital of the region of Ladakh that counts almost 30,000 people. Here there’s a good airport due to the tourism.

Day 7: Leh-Nubra. Today itinerary will take us to Nubra Valley, a desert located at more than 3,000 mt (9,843 ft) of height. It is an arid valley, with very few vegetation except for what grows on the river sides that cross it. To get to this valley we will have to climb the highest driveble road in the world, The Kardhung-La which is located approx. at 5,600 mt (18,373 ft) on the sea level. The pictures we will take in front of the sign will repay the cost of this journey! We will enter the Nubra Valley and we will be impressed by the variety of landscapes, from mountains covered of snow to other made of different colors rocks, sandy dunes and green meadows at the rivers’ sides. We will also find camels that are typical in this region.

Total Journey distance: 160 Km / 100 Miles

Day 8: Nubra Valley-Turtuk. Today as well, along our itinerary, we will enjoy beautiful views that a generous nature will offer us. We will arrive on the sides of the river Shyok. We will then get to Turtuk, which is defined by the experts as one of the nicest villages in the world. It is worth spending the night here and get to know it better.

Total Journey distance: 165 Km / 103 Miles

Day 9: Turtuk-Nubra Valley. Today we will do the same itinerary but opposite and this will allow us to see some things that for sure we could not see on the first leg. We will always be accompanied by groups of camels, those with two humps, as those with one hump are called dromedaries!

Total Journey distance: 165 Km / 103 Miles

Day 10: Nubra Valley – Pangogn Tso. After enjoying for the last time this beautiful valley, we will restart our journey that will take us to Pangong Lake. We will have to leave early as the route will be approx. 300 km (188 ft). On these roads, this means a very long driving time! We will so arrive at Pangong Lake, whose surface is almost 700 square kilometers (270 sq miles) and with a depth of 100 mt. (328 ft). The lake is located at 4,350 mt (14,271 ft) and its waters are salty. Nevertheless, during wintertime, its waters get frozen, due to very low temperatures that are easily reached up here. We will camp with proper tents in what is considered one of the best camping in the world, because of to the very uncommon location.

Total Journey distance: 275 Km / 172 Miles

Day 11: PangongTso-Leh. We will go back to the nice city of Leh driving along a road that will allow us to climb the third highest pass in the world, the Chang-La, which is located at 5,360 mt (17,585 ft) on the sea level. No doubts about that these mountains will be fascinating and that we will feel very fulfilled for sure. We will get to Leh in the afternoon.

Total Journey distance: 225 Km / 141 Miles

Day 12: Leh-Lamayuru. Today as well, will be lovely day and the surprises never ends! A route of almost 3 hours driving is waiting for us and will take us discovering a spectacular valley, with lunar landscapes that will lead us thinking not to be on the earth anymore!

Total Journey distance: 115 Km / 72 Miles

Day 13: Lamauru-Leh. Reluctantly we will go back on our road returning to Leh where our journey will end. Also, here we will see again the landscapes we saw on the first leg. For sure this is journey where we will fill up our cell phones memories with wonderful pictures of all the things that we've been seeing. We will get to Leh in the afternoon where we will be having our farewell dinner in the evening.

Total Journey distance: 115 Km / 72 Miles


If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached, the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format.



  • Motorcycle rental and gasoline during the entire tour. 
  • The bike rental prices include costs for public-liability insurance and roadside assistance insurance in case of breakdown.
  • Welcome and farewell dinners, and all the meals during the trip.
  • Accommodation in 4-star hotels when available at the time of booking.
  • Transfer to and from the airport.
  • Multilingual tour leader.
  • Transfer to and from the rental agency.
  • Support van for carrying suitcases (1 suitcase + 1 handbag per person),an extended service also for all the souvenirs you will buy along the way. The van also has two seats for passengers in case of need or for rest of the motorcycle trip!
  • A detailed road book with all the information and a map with the itinerary well marked.


  • Tolls on motorways.
  • Entrance tickets to museums or other touristic sites.
  • Tips and gratuities. 
  • All beverages.
  • National and international flights
  • We also suggest that anyone traveling abroad for one of our tours consider purchasing "travel insurance". It can eliminate worry from unexpected situations that can arise in any travel plan.



  • Advanced payment of 30% of the total amount of the tour to be paid at the moment of the reservation (The deposit will be completely refundable in the event that we do not reach the minimum number of participants or in an agreed manner between the parties, if the tour will be made in modality different with different services).
  • Balance 70% to be paid 30 days before the departure date subject to confirmation by our organization.
  • 100% balance if the reservation is made within 30 days before departure.



  • Up to 20 days before the start date, HP Motorrad will retain 80% of the total of the tour.
  • From the 20th day to the 11th day before the start date, Hp Motorrad will retain 90% of the total of the tour.
  • From the 10th day before the start date, HP Motorrad will retain the total amount of the tour.

Thank you for choosing us and hoping to have given you an unforgettable trip, Hp Motorrad invites you to consult our updated list of tour proposals. We are waiting for you for your next adventure.

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