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MOTORCYCLE TOUR - Dream Across Italy

2,106 km / 1,309 mi
14 days
08 May 2023 >> 21 May 2023

Come to discover the best tourist attractions of Italy, cities of art, regional food and local markets.

A dreamy tour: Alps passes, Garda Lake and Venice along the Po river until Cinque Terre. You will visit also: Lucca, Pisa, Firenze, Siena and Chianti region. Last step throught San Gimignano and Volterra until Rome, the Eternal City.

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2,106 / 1,309


6 - 8


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T.1 Motorcycle Tour Dream Across Italy - Top highlights
2106 km/1253 miles
- 14 days/13 nights
13-26 may 2019 
MOTORCYCLE CATEGORY Sharing room riding soloSingle room supplementPassenger supplement
1BMW G650GS – BMW F700GS – BMW F800R
€ 5.400,00€ 800,00€ 3.450,00
2BMW F800 GS – BMW F800GT – DUCATI SCRAMBLER 800 € 5.550,00€ 800,00€ 3.450,00
4BMW R1200GS ADV - BMW R1200RT – BMW S1000XR – DUCATI MONSTER 1200€ 5.950,00€ 800,00€ 3.450,00
5DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1260 - DUCATI DIAVEL€ 6.050,00€ 800,00€ 3.450,00
€ 6.200,00€ 800,00€ 3.450,00

If you are motorbiker and you want to discover the best tourist attractions of Italy: cities of art, panoramic roads, regional food and local markets, due to discover a rarely side of Italy unknown by tourists and if we tell you that is all possible in only one trip? Well, this TOUR is for you! In short words: “a dreamy tour”.

Its starts with some Alps pass, mountain around Garda Lake until the romantic Venice. The tour continues down to the way of the most important Italian rivers, along the riverbank of the Po ' until Cinque Terre destination, stopping in the medieval city of “Mantova”. We will visit the small villages among the Ligurian line coast, an UNESCO World Heritage. We enter in the Toscana Region, here we will visit the famous caves of Carrara, crossing the Regional Park of the Apennines Alps. We will ride through the most beautiful roads of Toscana. We will visit the wonderful cities of art: Lucca, Pisa, Firenze, Siena and historical Chianti region. San Gimignano and Voltera, we'll head towards the Apennines Mountain, passing through the beautiful landscapes of the Crete Sensi before the medieval city of Assisi. The last step you will see the most beautiful consular roads of central Italy, contributed to the affirmation of the Roman Empire. Rome, the Eternal City.

Day 1: arrive in Milan

Welcome to Milan! An attractive idea is to arrive a few days before to explore this beautiful city, the capital of design and fashion, before leaving for your trip! The first meeting will be at the hotel, you will have some free time to relax or go sightseeing before the security meeting. After the briefing, we will enjoy a welcome dinner at a traditional Italian restaurant (regional cuisine of Lombardy).

Day 2: from Milan to Riva del Garda

km 260 / miles 162

Two weeks of motorcycle paradise in Italy. Leaving Milan, we will head east, a short stretch of highway till “Sarnico” to follow the most spectacular side of the Iseo lake, the west riverside. After we will change to allow us the climbing through the “Presolana” mountain pass, famous for the local bikers, before the assault the mountain of the Adamello Brenta National Park, crossing some alps passes, most known as Croce Domini. Then once in the valley, we will spend our first night on the shore of Garda Lake.

Highlights along the way: Iseo Lake, Presolana mountain pass, Croce Domini mountain pass, Ledro Lake.

Day 3: from Riva del Garda to Venice

km 253 / miles 158

The destination of the day is Venice, where we will stay two days, we include also a driving day, touching lightly the Dolomiti Mountains, crossing the Euganei hills, arriving to the destination following through the beautiful canals and the southernmost part of the Venetian lagoon, extraordinary.

Highlights along the way:  Castion hill, Fugazze pass, Euganei hills, Chioggia lagoon.

Day 4: Venice

km 0 / miles 0

Venice is compost from more than 100 little islands inside the Adriatic Sea. For its glorious past, it is known with different names as the Dominant and the Queen of the Adriatic. For the urban particularity and the artistic heritage, Venice is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, was included together with its lagoon in the UNESCO Humanity Heritage. In this city there are no streets but only water canals, one of them if the famous Canal Grande, accosted by Renaissance and Gothic Age buildings. Unmissable the visit of San Marco square where is situated the marvelous Basilica and the bell tower, from here you can admire the wonderful view up to the red roofs of the town.

Highlights along the way:  Venice

Day 5: from Venice to Mantova

km 254 / miles 159

Leaving the Queen of the Adriatic, a boat will lead us to the Lido Island. Murazzi road, is ithe best and original way to leave this wonderfull city, where the streets are canals, and the asphalt is replaced by water. With two boats we will arrive at Chioggia port, today our route will have as base water, through canals, levees and islets, welcome to the Adige's and Po's delta! A slow trip for curious people, a labyrinth route, a maze of narrow streets, used by cyclists and very few motorized vehicles. The destination of the day is the arrival in Mantova, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, surrounded by 3 artificial lakes. This city is well known by its renaissance architecture and buildings builteted by Gonzaga, as Palazzo Ducale.    

Highlights along the way:  The road of Murazzi, Adige's delta, Po's levee

Day 6: Route from Mantova to Portovenere (Cinque Terre)

km 234 / miles 146

Another day of surprises, the Po, 652 km, is the longest river on Italian territory, we will continue on the right-side crossing through picturesque villages, to turn to Parma and take the SS62, on Cisa pass, one of the most spectacular routes in the Ligurian Appenins Mountains. At Pontremoli, we will approach the Cinque Terre on panoramic and isolate streets, narrow, with no traffic, until reach the SS1 Aurelia, route till Cinque Terre.  

Highlights along the way: Po's levee, Cisa pass

Day 7: Portovenere (Cinque Terre)

km 0 / miles 0

Cinque Terre is one of the “MUST TO SEE” on this adventure. Made by antique villages of fishermen, are situated along one of the most jagged and scenic line of the Italian coast. Each of this villages are noted by multicolored houses and by vineyards clinging to the rapid terraces builted on the coastline. The ports are full of fish boats and in the typical restaurants is possible to taste local sea specialties with ligurian condiment: “Il pesto”. The Azzurro trail and a bold trail, in addition to boat trips, represent valid alternatives to enjoy this paradise.

Highlights along the way: Cinque Terre

Day 8: from Portovenere to Florence

km 243 / miles 151

Today's stop will be Florence, an amazing city! We will pass along all the Spezian golf, following the coastline, we will arrive to Marina di Massa and from here we will take the SP13, we will cut the Regional Park of the Apennines Alps, we will find challenging, impervious and spectacular streets. Then the Regional Park of the High Apennines Alps of Modena, passing by Abetone and down for Pistoia, we will speed our trip to reach Florence.


Highlights along the way: La Spezia's Golf, Viareggio coast, Regional Park of the Apennines Alps, Regional Park of the High Apennines Alps, Abetone.

Day 9:  Florence-Pisa-Florence

km 184 / miles 115

In the morning we leave Florence, we will try to avoid the traffic following the Arno's course. Some secondary street and some curves to reach Lucca. This city is surrounded by intact walls. The next stop of the day will be Pisa, we will visit her the enchanting Square of Miracles: included in the UNESCO World Heritage from 25 years ago, this square is dominated by the famous inclined Tower. 

The rest of the day we will spend in Florence, to reach this ity we will ride through speed streets, we will arrive in Florence in the afternoon.

Highlights along the way: Lucca, Square of Miracles- Pisa, Livorno

Day 10: from Florence to Siena

km 212 / miles 132

Today we will go to south, to reach Siena, we ride through Vallombrosa route, in this street we can see centuries-old wood. Some other kms and you will see the splendor Chianti area. Riding through the green of the Tuscany countryside.

San Gimignano is a small jewel of a medieval wood, tower houses, walls, the Civico Castle and the Museum. We will ride until Volterra, a medieval village. Taking the second statal streets, 68 and 2 with perfect asphalt, some cuves and panoramic views to reach Siena

Highlights along the way:  Vallombrosa wood, Chianti, San Gimignano, Volterra.

Day 11: Siena

km 0 / miles 0

Siena is a medieval building. The famous Campo Square is characterized for a fan shape, headquarter of “Palazzo Pubblico”, Gothic style of the Town Hall and “Torre del Mangia”, a slender tower of the fourteenth century.
Divided into seventeen historic districts, neighborhoods where parochialism explodes especially during the period of the Palio. A city to discover.

Highlights along the way: Siena

Day 12: from Siena to Assisi

km 242 / miles 152

The Crete Senesi a special island without sea, we will visit “the tyranny of horizons” as you can read on its official website. The ending of the day consists an unforgivable sequence of panoramic roads.

Highlights along the way: Crete Siene, Asciano, Pienza, Citta delle Pieve, SS71, SS79, SS317

Day 13: from Assisi to Rome

km 225 / miles 140


We are at the end, the last riding day, the ending will be in the “Eternal City”, ROME. we will reach the capital riding some of the most spectacular road of Center Italy.

Highlights along the way: Valnerina, Marmore's cascade, SS3

Day 14: GOODBYE!


We will say goodbye after breakfast, we wish you enjoy your motorcycle tour through the most beautiful destinations in Italy. If you wish, you can spend a few more days in the beautiful city of Rome. Thanks, see you on the next motorcycle tour with HP Motorrad Official Travel!

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